J-Hope disappeared for 5 seconds…

J-Hope disappeared for 5 seconds…”MAMA”. Another broadcast accident?


Another broadcasting accident occurred at “2022 MAMA AWARDS,” raising eyebrows among viewers.

On the 30th of last month, the second day of the “2022 MAMA AWARDS” was held in Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan. The award ceremony was broadcast live on Mnet and others.

On this day, “2022 MAMA AWARDS” began as a collaboration stage for Jung Jae-il, Tiger JK, and Stray Kids 3RACHA (Bangchan, Changbin, and Han). Since then, Tempest, New Jeans, ENHYPEN, Ive, INI, NiziU, Treasure, Jaurim, (G)I-DLE, ITZY, Lim Young-woong, Monica, and Zico have performed.

And the main character of the last performance was BTS J-Hope. The fact that J-Hope will perform a solo stage has been a hot topic even before the awards ceremony.

JHope recently released his solo album, “Jack In The Box”. J-Hope appeared on stage with a box with “Jack In The Box.” Since then, J-Hope has performed “MORE,” a track from “Jack In The Box.” J-Hope, who showed a hot performance using various devices, was cheered loudly.

The next song was “Arson”, the title track of “Jack In The Box”, along with “MORE”. J-Hope used the stage widely as an artistic move.

However, there was an accident in which JHope disappeared from the broadcast screen for five seconds while performing. This is because the camera on the broadcast showed the wrong place, not J-Hope, for 5 seconds.

This quickly broke the immersion of viewers who were immersed in JHope’s passionate stage. The broadcasting accident happened on J-Hope’s stage, which was the most anticipated on the day, causing even greater sighs.

On the first day of the “2022 MAMA AWARDS,” YGX suddenly turned black while performing. In addition, a camera shone behind the stage at the Forrestella performance.

The “2022 MAMA AWARDS” ended with such regrets. Attention is focusing on whether it will be a spotless award ceremony next year.

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