J-Hope first solo performance in the U.S.”I’m proud of myself”

J-Hope first solo performance in the U.S.”I’m proud of myself”


The finale of Chicago’s “Rollapalooza”20 songs including “Jack in the Box”
American singer Becky G makes a surprise appearance on “Chicken Noodle Soup” collaboration stage

J-Hope, the first soloist of the group BTS (BTS), heated up the night in Chicago, the U.S.

J-Hope appeared as a headliner at the famous music festival “LOLAPALLOZA” in Chicago on the 31st of last month (local time) and performed about 20 songs. It was the first public stage of BTS’ solo career since they announced that they would temporarily suspend their group activities.

“I’m BTS’s j-hope,” said J hope, “You can call me Jay,” after performing “more,” one of the double titles of his solo debut album “Jack In The Box.”

J-Hope performed “Piece of Peace” part 1, “=,” “Stop,” “Blue side,” “Safety zone,” and “What if…” without a break.

Fans shouted at J Hope and turned on the cell phone lights to decorate the audience like a starry night sky. A foreign fan even waved j hope’s Korean name ‘Hoseok’ in Korean on a mobile phone screen.

J-Hope then played “Arson” and went down from the stage for a while while the “Music box: reflection” was played.


J-Hope, who changed into a white costume, showed the stage of the tropical version of “Dynamite” and said, “I’ll dance, so you can sing.”

While J Hope was performing “Chicken Noodle Soup,” singer Rebekah Mary Gomez, who is more famous under the name of Becky G, appeared as a surprise guest. The two greeted each other with a hug after the performance.

“It’s a great honor and I’m very proud,” Becky said. “I’m very proud of you and your friendship is very precious.”

As the performance approached its end, j-hope thanked Korean fans in Korean.

“I think this album activity, which started with real greed and a love of hitting, is ending,” J-Hope said. “Many schedules have actually been a series of fears,” he honestly expressed the pressure as the group’s first soloist.

“Nevertheless, it is a very meaningful moment,” he said. “I want to tell myself that I am proud of myself for overcoming this moment.”

After finishing his speech, J Hope ended the performance by shouting Chicago, Lola Fallujah, and Ami (fandom name) alternately after the “Future” stage. 안전놀이터

BTS Jimin visited the concert site and cheered for J-Hope, the group’s first soloist.

BTS Fans also shared a video of Jimin shaking his body while watching J-Hope’s stage on social media.

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