James Harden leads the 3-point line foul the most.

James Harden leads the 3-point line foul the most.

James Harden

Harden’s ability to obtain fouls is unrivaled.

Recently, ‘NBA Crazy Stats’ released an interesting record. This is a record of the number of fouls earned on the three-point line. According to the record, James Harden has earned a whopping 521 fouls on the three-point line since his debut in 2009.

This is a superior figure compared to a team, not an individual. The Los Angeles Lakers had 439 and the Portland Trail Blazers had 436. Only 376 Golden State Warriors have the best three-point shooters, including Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson.

Harden’s so-called “free throw” has a reputation in the league. Even P.J. Tucker, who is called one of the best defenders in the league, has his tongue out.

In 2020, Turner wrote in ‘The Players’ Tribune, “I always fouled James Harden. This drove me crazy. Everything was Harden’s plan. No matter how good I am at defending, I absorb all contact and continue to attack. Even when a foul is called and frustrated, Harden attacks. At the end of the game, I am the only one who is tired and angry.

Harden’s free throw is no longer his exclusive property. Recently, the Atlanta Hawks’ Shinsung Tray Young-do has become a master of free throw, establishing himself as a villain of many opposing teams.

Harden’s skill is certainly a boon to the individual. However, fans are concerned that the game is often interrupted and that it may be offensive to the fans.

Is it because he was conscious of this? The NBA Secretariat announced in June (Korea time) that it would create new regulations to sanction the move to induce fouls.

A foul will not be declared if the shooter leans on the defender or kicks his leg at an abnormal angle, or if the attacker suddenly switches direction to the defender’s side or back.

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