Jamie Carragher warned Salah…”Look at Coutinho”

Jamie Carragher warned Salah…”Look at Coutinho”

Jamie Carragher

Liverpool’s senior warned Salah, who was slow to renew his contract.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has advised junior Mohamed Salah not to leave Liverpool.

For this reason, he advised to leave Liverpool and keep in mind that Salah may struggle greatly in other teams, contrary to expectations.

Salah, Liverpool’s ace, will expire in June 2023.

Liverpool held several talks to extend the contract to catch the team’s key player, but it broke down repeatedly.

As negotiations between Salah and Liverpool rarely reached an agreement, Carragher warned Salah on the 18th on Sky Sports, saying, “Think about Coutinho and Wijnaldum who left Liverpool.”

Carragher said, “I think Salah and Liverpool should renew their contract. Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp said, “I am good at awakening the talents of my players, and Salado has grown greatly under Klopp and became a world class player.”

In addition to Salah, there are Genie Vinaldum and Philippe Coutinho, who have now left the team as players who have shone under Klopp’s leadership. Both players’ salaries have increased since they left Liverpool, but they are not doing as well as they have shown in Liverpool. This is a lesson for Salah,” he said, advising that Salah had a teacher while he was referring to it.

Finally, “Of course, I’m not saying Salah won’t be able to do it on other teams. However, Salah’s most brilliant moment in his football career was when he was with Klopp as a Liverpool player on the Premier League stage. Salah has to stay at Liverpool for her own good. 안전공원

Salah, who established a new nest for Liverpool in AS Roma in 2017, was the top scorer in the Premier League with 32 goals in his first season. So far, Liverpool has been reborn as the team’s ace, scoring 155 goals and 63 goals in 252 games over the past five years, winning many titles, including two times as the top scorer.

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