Jennifer Lopez Marries Ben Affleck After 18 Years Of Marriage

Jennifer Lopez Marries Ben Affleck After 18 Years Of Marriage

Jennifer Lopez

U.S. pop star Jennifer Lopez (52) and Hollywood actor and director Ben Affleck (49) are married.

According to U.S. entertainment media such as TMZ and Page Six on the 17th (local time), Lopez and Affleck were legally married after receiving a marriage certificate in Clark County, Nevada, on the 16th. They reunited last year and succeeded in getting married after 18 years of separation.

Lopez confirmed her marriage in a newsletter to her fans. He said, “We’re married. Love is beautiful. Love is sweet. And love is the result of patience. Twenty years of patience,” he said.

Lopez and Affleck first met in the 2001 film “Gangster Lover” (Gigli) and developed into lovers. In 2002, he became engaged and promised to marry. However, he postponed his wedding ceremony scheduled for 2003 and officially announced his breakup in 2004.

After breaking up with Lopez, Affleck married actress Jennifer Garner and had three children after 13 years as a couple. However, he divorced in 2018, and in January last year, he broke up with Anadi Armas, a 16-year-old junior actor who was dating.

Lopez married singer Mark Anthony for 10 years, but split up. Since then, he has been engaged to Alex Rodriguez, a former MLB superstar, in 2019, drawing attention as a couple of the century, but broke up in April last year.

The two resumed their public relationship in July last year, 17 years after their breakup. L스는pez revealed that he had reunited with Affleck in time for his birthday last year, and since then, he has continued his public activities as a couple by accompanying the awards ceremony red carpet event. She got engaged in April this year. 토토사이트 추천

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