Jenny, why are you coming out of SpaceX?

Jenny, why are you coming out of SpaceX? Proof shot of acquaintance with Musk’s lover


Girl group revealed her friendship with singer Grimes, the lover of Tesla founder Elon Musk.

Jenny released several photos on Instagram on the 26th, along with “Rocket Day with My Fairy Princess Grimes.”

Jenny and Grimes took pictures with SpaceX’s rocket in the background.

Grimes also released a photo on his Instagram on the same day, saying, “Remembering when I and Jenny were on the rocket.”

Grimes is known to be interested in K-pop. He also featured in the title track of the group’s girl of the month yyxy’s mini album “Love4eva” in 2018.

Jenny and Grimes
Grimes and Musk have been dating publicly since 2018. She gave birth to a son in April last year.

SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, has developed the world’s first recycling rocket. SpaceX is planning a space tourism service that will put four men and women on a spacecraft in September and orbit the Earth’s low orbit every 90 minutes for three days.

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