Jeon Somi’s “DUM DUM” YouTube Music Video Chart No. 1

Jeon Somi’s “DUM DUM” YouTube Music Video Trending Worldwide Chart No. 1

Jeon Somi
Singer Jeon Somi is receiving positive responses with her new song “DUMB DUMB.” 토토추천

“DUMB DUMB,” which was released on the 2nd, swept both YouTube music video and music charts.

The “DUMB DUMB” music video topped the YouTube Music Video Trending Worldwide Chart as of noon on the 3rd.

The number of views of music videos is also on a steep rise.

It quickly surpassed 6.1 million views as of noon on the 3rd, about 13 hours after its release.

In addition, “DUMB DUMB” ranked 5th in Indonesia and Thailand on iTunes Worldwide Song Chart right after its release.

United Arab Emirates ranked 10th, Malaysia 7th, Philippines and Taiwan 4th, Peru and Vietnam 6th, Saudi Arabia 7th, etc.

It was ranked in the top 10 in nine countries and regions overseas. It also succeeded in making it to the top of domestic music charts such as second place for Bugs and 17th place for Genie.

“DUMB DUMB” is a minimal arrangement, a song that you want to look good to your loved one.

Unlike the introduction of the lyrics that sing a girl’s pure heart,

“I dance on top of your head, you’re ‘DUMB DUMB’ is a song that features a fresh drop sound that falls from the chorus along with the lyrics that are reversed.”

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