Jeremy Renner’s snow removal completed his first surgery

Jeremy Renner’s snow removal completed his first surgery in critical condition for the second day.

Jeremy Renner

The current condition of Jeremy Renner, who was hospitalized after a serious accident during snow removal, has been known. He underwent surgery on the 2nd and is still in critical condition.

On the 3rd (Korea Standard Time), the U.S. film media Deadline reported on the current condition that Jeremy Renner is “still hospitalized in a critical but stable condition.”

Hollywood actor Jeremy Renner, famous for “Hawk Eye,” was seriously injured when his leg was caught in a snow removal vehicle during snow removal work on the road in front of his house the previous day. A doctor who was a nearby resident stopped bleeding and was urgently transferred to the hospital using a helicopter. Local police are reportedly confiscating the snowplow and investigating it.

A spokesman for Jeremy Renner said: “Jeremy Renner suffered chest trauma and orthopedic injuries. He said he has completed the first surgery and is being treated in an intensive care unit.

Jeremy Renner’s family also issued a statement, saying, “I would like to thank the medical staff, police officials and public officials for helping him. “I was moved by the enthusiastic love and support of the fans, and I am just grateful,” he said.

Before the accident, Jeremy Renner used his social account to say, “The heavy snow is no joke,” and in the past, he used a snow removal vehicle to remove snow himself.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Renner was very popular for his character in the Marvel movie “Hawk Eye.” He was also recognized for his acting skills by being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor twice.

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