Jin Ki Joo, Innocent → Chic…Even in the..

Jin Ki Joo, Innocent → Chic…Even in the behind-the-scenes photoshoot, he’s so handsome.

Jin Ki Joo

Actor Jin Ki-joo gave off a variety of charms that go back and forth between innocence and chicness in the behind-the-scenes pictorial.

Recently, FLENT caught the eye by releasing behind-the-scenes cuts of pictorials through its official Naver Post.

Following last year, Jin Ki-joo, who predicted a full-fledged performance this year, showed off her charm by showing her passion for perfecting colorful concepts with her rising visuals in the behind-the-scenes pictorial cut.

In the released behind-the-scenes cut, Jin Ki-joo showed her neat and innocent charm with a dandy all-black coordination. On top of that, he matched a white turtleneck with boxy jeans and black walkers to attract viewers’ attention by skillfully playing a chic atmosphere that made the most of his pure charm.

In addition, he showed his natural charm with his casual jeans and body silhouette, showing off his conceptual ability to perfectly express various styles in a unique atmosphere.

As can be seen from the behind-the-scenes cut of the pictorial, Jin Ki-joo`s is rumored to have drawn praise from the field staff with her eight-color charm that perfectly travels through various looks. By freely crossing the innocent and chic gap, even the behind-the-scenes cuts on the site created a refreshing atmosphere more than a pictorial, showing off their charm as a pictorial master.

Jin Ki-joo`s who has revealed her irreplaceable charm with a pure and pure atmosphere, is also working hard as an actor. KBS 2TV’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Somehow I Met, You,” which deals with the strange and beautiful time travel of two men and women trapped in 1987.

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