“Jordan, if you play now, you’ll get an average of 40.”

“Jordan, if you play now, you’ll get an average of 40.”


If basketball emperor Michael Jordan (58, owner of Charlotte Hornets) comes to the NBA now with his skills and physical strength, he can score 40 points per game.

Alan Iverson, 46, appeared on the Internet broadcast ‘Club Shy Shy’ on August 27 and asked, “Was Jordan’s highest average score in the NBA single season 37? “At this point, 40 points per game is easy.”

Iverson (183cm) is the shortest draft rookie in NBA history and the shortest regular league MVP of all time. “Jordan is like a black Jesus in basketball,” he said, expressing deep respect for his senior.

Since the 2010s, the NBA has become a basic tactic to target various spaces created by accurately shooting from a longer distance to bring out the opponent’s defense.

Jordan’s biggest advantage was that short- and medium-range attacks shone at every decisive moment, with nine seasons with a two-point accuracy of more than 50 percent in the regular league.파워볼사이트

Iverson also said, “There is no small difference between the mid-1990s and the current NBA, so calm down. “It’s not difficult to score 40 points per game in American professional basketball,” he said, showing absolute faith in Jordan’s skills.

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