Jung Yoon-jae, the best villain in “Missing 2..

Jung Yoon-jae, the best villain in “Missing 2,” said, “I made characters by looking at all kinds of videos.”

Jung Yoon-jae

Jung Yoon-jae, who caught the eye as the all-time villain Kim Pil-joong in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Missing: They Were There 2” (hereinafter referred to as Missing 2), unveiled a character concept profile that stands outstanding visuals.

In the seventh episode of “Missing 2,” which aired on the 9th, the identity of Goliath, the head of the drug organization, was revealed as Kim Pil-joong, providing clues to the mystery surrounding the Soul Village 3 Industrial Complex.

After bumping into Kim Wook (Master) in the club bathroom, it was revealed that the mask that Kim Pil-joong dropped was the black mask that Goliath wore, giving extreme tension as soon as it was revealed that Kim Pil-joong was the same person as Goliath. Moreover, Kim Pil-joong’s fierce gaze at Kim Wook, who confirmed his mask, was enough to hold viewers’ breath.

Jung Yoon-jae, who played Kim Pil-joong, has established himself as a scene stealer of “Missing 2” by showing an immersive performance even though it was his first debut work. In particular, Kim Pil-joong’s character was completed by coloring his eyebrows blonde as well as his intense visual with an unconventional bleached hairstyle.

According to his agency BH Entertainment, Jung Yoon-jae tried to create an all-time villain by bleaching once a week and proposing the idea of bleaching eyebrows to complete the visual of Kim Pil-joong, the head of the drug gang.

Jung Yoon-jae said, “I want to see more even if it is seen briefly in the scene in the work, and I want to grow into an actor who makes me curious about the next time.” In “Missing 2,” he played a role in selling drugs online and doing everything that makes money, and he made characters by looking up various videos. “I was so happy when my ideas, such as bleaching my eyebrows, were adopted,” he said, expressing his feelings about working on his first work.

“Missing 2,” starring Jung Yoon-jae, airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 p.m. on tvN.

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