Kakao provides cash, including up to 50,000 won

Kakao provides cash, including up to 50,000 won, to small business owners affected by the “death crisis.”

Emoticons are provided to all Kakao Talk users in batches…High-value victims receive additional cases

Kakao will provide cash compensation to small business owners who reported damage in connection with the “Incorruption incident” caused by the fire at SK C&C Data Center in Pangyo, Gyeonggi-do, in October.

Kakao said it will provide 30,000 won for small business owners with sales losses of less than 300,000 won and 50,000 won for more than 300,000 won and 500,000 won for less than 500,000 won through the “1015 Damage Support Council” involving consumers and small business groups and academia. The damage calculation reflected the operating profit rate of small business owners, the presence or absence of alternative services, and the Kakao share of services. The section for calculating the amount of support was set in consideration of the median amount of damage received by small business owners.

For cases of damage worth more than 500,000 won, additional support will be considered through the review of the consultative body and the process of proving the damage. It also operates a separate customer center for damage support. The case review will be based on submitted documents such as small business owners’ confirmation, sales damage proof, and service use business proof.

Apart from cash support, Kakao will establish a “Kakao Talk Channel Cash Program for Small Businesses” to pay 50,000 won worth of free cash to all small business owners to send Kakao Talk channel messages. This is in accordance with the proposal of the Small Business Association participating in the consultative body. Kakao plans to provide digital tools for small business owners to generate new sales through Kakao Talk and manage customers more efficiently through the program. In addition, additional damage to small business owners will be received for two weeks at the suggestion of the Small Business Association. Additional application schedules and methods will be announced later on the website of the Small Business Association.

A total of three emoticons (1 permanent type and 2 90 days) will be provided to all 48 million KakaoTalk users. Emoticons will be paid from the 5th of next month. Kakao explained that it contained promises and apologies to provide stable services in the future.

This damage support is the first case in which the platform compensates free users for service failures through autonomous consultations through private consultations. Earlier, major Kakao affiliates such as kao Games, kao Mobility, kao Entertainment, and kao Pay came up with support measures for paid users and small business owners affected by the disability. 안전놀이터

Hong Eun-taek, CEO of Kakao, said, “This damage support is the beginning of the process of answering questions asked by society in the wake of the October 15 disability,” adding, “We will derive and implement necessary tasks from a mid- to long-term perspective in the new year.”

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