Kang Hye-jung transforms into an essay writer after

Kang Hye-jung transforms into an essay writer after a six-year hiatus

Kang Hye-jung

Actor Kang Hye-jung has returned as a writer after a six-year hiatus.

On the morning of August 21, Kang Hye-jung held a meeting to commemorate the publication of the essay “Hopefully Half Crazy and Half Happy” somewhere in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

“Half Crazy and Half Happy” is actor Kang Hye-jung’s first essay, which frankly reveals the inner aspects of life she has kept as a “human Kang Hye-jung” rather than an “actor Kang Hye-jung” known to the public

On this day, Kang Hye-jung said, “I’m very nervous because it’s my first time as a writer, and I dare to think, ‘Can I sit here and talk?’ but I’m actually looking forward to it. I wonder what you think and what you will feel after reading this book,” he said.

Regarding “Half crazy and half happy,” he said, “At first, I wrote it like a diary, but it became a book as it piled up one by one.” It’s a piece of work that weaves the speech bubble inside me. It’s a piece of writing that’s floating in my head, so I don’t have any special intention or anything I want to force. However, I would be happy if there was even one reader who felt, “I’m not the only one left alone” or “It’s a book that comforts me.”

Earlier, Tablo revealed the process of Kang Hye-jung’s book publication on her social media. The manuscript of Tablo’s autobiography “Blonot 2” was rejected, but Kang Hye-jung’s comfortable writing like a diary received a positive response from the publisher.

Kang Hye-jung said, “At first, I had no intention of publishing it as a book. Personally, as my child grew up, I had a lot of time to spare, so I thought it would be simple and better to write what I wanted to say than to meet someone and talk to them,” he confessed.

“I needed someone to read it because I was writing with a certain amount of content. I showed it to my husband and he cheered me on to write a book. I sent it to my husband as if I was confirmed every time I wrote it, and I showed it to the publisher’s representative during the U.S. At that time, I thought, “My writing faced a second reader.” “I was excited and at a loss, but I came this far,” he added

When asked about her usual writing routine, Kang Hye-jung said, “I usually write well when I’m spacing out or walking on the street without doing anything, and when I’m driving.” A non-busy state of mind is best for writing or thinking creatively. Rather than being busy, don’t they say that you have to leave them bored to be creative. I wrote on my cell phone as if I was writing a text message whenever I wanted to talk. I really didn’t know it would come out in a book like this,” he said.

How will the family react. Kang Hye-jung said, “First of all, let’s leave Hye-jung alone.” Strangely, I have a lot of work to do when I’m at home. As a housewife, mother, and Kang Hye-jung, I had no time to rest because of the mixed work, but I was semi-forced to go abroad to fill in the shortcomings. My family has supported me a lot so far. “My husband also expressed his gratitude for respecting me for publishing the book.”

Kang Hye-jung has had a six-year hiatus since the drama “Jugglers,” which ended in 2018. Regarding the activity plan, “If I meet good works and have an opportunity, I have no intention of not doing work.” “I’m waiting to do what I want to do,” he said adding, “I don’t have any particular work I want to meet, but if I meet a work that stimulates me to be hooked and achieve something, I’ll boldly jump in.”

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