Kang So-ra X Jang Seung-jo as a love and..

Kang So-ra X Jang Seung-jo as a love and war-class divorce couple'”Can I Be Another Person” trailer.

Kang So-ra

Kang So-ra X Jang Seung-jo, who reunited after the divorce of “Can I Be Someone Else,” has revealed the hot push and pull chemistry.

Genie TV’s original drama “Can I Be Someone Else” (directed by Kim Yang-hee/writer Dr. Lang/planned by KT Studio Genie/Produced by West World Story) released the main trailer ahead of its first broadcast on January 18.

The main trailer, released on the 6th, starts with a spicy conversation between Oh Ha-ra (Kang Sora) and Koo Eun-beom (Jang Seung-jo), who met again as co-workers after the divorce, drawing attention. Hara said, “You want me to share an office with my ex-husband? “You’re a human horse,” he said, expressing anger, and fired a fierce attack at his ex-husband Eun-beom, who barely hung on a cliff and asked him to live, saying, “Why didn’t you put alimony this month?” As a result, Eun-beom’s appearance, which falls helplessly

To Hara and Eunbeom, who are constantly bickering in reality, Seo Han-gil (Jeon Bae-soo), the representative of Doo Hwang, a divorce law firm, throws, “Just put it together or send a marriage.” Eun-beom’s bright expression and Ha-ra’s ridiculous contrasting expression, which prepared for a surprise blind date as if she thought of a clever move after hearing that, make us curious about the future development. Also, looking at Hara’s unconditional anger toward her ex-husband, she said, “Hate is also love. Rather, it stimulates curiosity whether they can really become strangers in Hara’s embarrassment after imagining the hot relationship with Eun-beom along with the lines of his two Hwang colleagues who say, “Rather, it is hotter.”

And like the phrase “work and love of divorce lawyers,” it is a legal episode that solves love and war-level divorce lawsuits, and it leaves a warm scene of cheering each other and being reborn as true colleagues. Finally, Hara’s astonished appearance, checking the list of calls she made several times to Eun-beom drunk, reminds me of the moment of a blanket kick that I experienced at least once after the breakup, and gives laughter.

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