Kazuha “I was very nervous within a few days of joining…”

Kazuha “I was very nervous within a few days of joining…”


Some of the photo cuts and interviews with Kazuha, a member of the girl group LESSERAFIM, and Marie Claire, a magazine, were released on the 25th.

Kazuha has a variety of costumes and accessories, including sporty dresses, colorful necklaces, and pastel-toned turtlenecks, in his own atmosphere.

In particular, the appearance of elegant and strong charms coexisting was enough to catch the eye.

In an interview with the pictorial, Kazuha told a variety of stories, ranging from the message from his second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” to the behind-the-scenes of his debut documentary, the secret of his Korean skills, and his future goals.

Kazuha introduced the message of the new album, saying, “It’s the process of making me suffer and shock, so it tells the story of facing and overcoming it well and overcome it.”

Kazuha then cited the crying part as the most memorable scene in the documentary “LESSERAFIM – The World Is My Oyster,” which contains the process of forming a team to making a debut.

Kazuha explained the reason for the tears, saying, “I was very nervous because it was only a few days after I joined the team, but I felt that all the members and teachers were looking at me with warm eyes.”

Kazuha said, “The members created a comfortable atmosphere so that I wouldn’t be scared even if I made a mistake,” making me guess the strong team chemistry. 토토사이트 추천

When asked what he expected in the future, he said, “I have a desire to continue to grow and stand on a bigger stage. Also, I still have a lot of anxiety and worries because I want to do well, but my goal is to be on stage with full of confidence someday,” he said, expressing his confident ambition.

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