[KBL All-Star Break Review] The Power of Gauge Prim..

[KBL All-Star Break Review] The Power of Gauge Prim, Why Hyundai Mobis is Still Strong

Gauge Prim

The power of the gauge prim (205 cm, C) remains.

Hyundai Mobis had a lot of concerns even before the opening of the 2022-2023 season. Foreign players, who account for more than half of the team’s performance, were also a source of anxiety.

In particular, there were many eyes worried about gauge prim. This is because the shortcomings were clear, such as poor athletic ability, not various attack options, and lack of defensive pressure. In addition, a hot-tempered personality was also a factor that could be a time bomb.

However, Prim only showed strength after the opening of the regular league. That was the case with under-the-goal scoring and continuous conversion of offense and defense based on strength. In particular, Prim’s power was the best weapon to target foreign players from the other nine clubs.

After Justin Knox (204cm, F) was sidelined due to injury, Prim became the team’s one-option foreign player. Prim, who became a foreign player, showed greater competitiveness.

Of course, there were times when time bombs exploded. There have been quite a few cases of being sensitive to decisions. Because of an unsociable foul that had nothing to do with the game, I also paid quite a fine.

But what is clear is that Prim is still a clear option for Hyundai Mobis. In any situation, it can speed up the conversion of offense and defense and occupy a position close to the rim momentarily. It is continuously attempting to attack with high probability.

Besides, Prim doesn’t just look at the paint zone. Come up to the free throw line and grab the ball. And throw the ball with a high parabola. Such a shot quite penetrates the rim.

When Prim’s mid-range jumper went in to some extent, foreign players who blocked Prim also came out near the free throw line. The area near the rim was empty, and domestic players dug in. There have been quite a few cases in which Prim poked his teeth.

Cho Dong-hyun, head coach of Hyundai Mobis, also said, “Prim’s shooting is not bad. “In the long run, you should be able to throw near the three-point line,” he said positively, evaluating Prim’s shot.

Of course, there is also an element of anxiety. Prim’s attack options are limited to paint zone attacks. However, this is not a problem limited to Prim. This is because both the coaching staff and the players have to wrap their heads in order for the team’s attack options to vary.

Nevertheless, Prim’s competitiveness remains strong. Since Prim is holding out inside, Hyundai Mobis can devise various options. Prim’s share has increased that much. 안전놀이터

[Gage Prim, personal record after round 3]
1. Competition: 13 games
2. Average playing time: 29 minutes 53 seconds (No. 1 in the team)
3. Average score: 20.5 points (3rd overall)
4. Number of paint zone scores per game: 6.9 (2nd overall)
5. Average rebounds: 11.7 (3rd overall)
6. Assist: 1.6

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