Kim Jaewoong faces former One Championship champion

Kim Jaewoong faces former One Championship champion

Kim Jaewoong

Mixed martial arts fighter Kim Jae-woong (29) will go down to the bantamweight division to achieve his dream of an unsuccessful champion in Asia’s largest group “ONE Championship” mixed martial arts featherweight.

Kim Jaewoong will face Kevin Bellingon (35, Philippines), a former one-championship bantamweight champion, through the first game of the ONE on Prime Video 4 main card in Singapore on the 19th. The main card of this competition will be scheduled to be broadcast live on the global OTT service “Amazon Prime Video” from 8 p.m. on the 18th in New York, the U.S.

The official website of the One Championship selected “three exciting matches that may attract more attention, as much as the mixed martial arts welterweight title match to be presented as the ONE on Prime Video 4 main event.” Kim Jae-woong and Bellingon came in second.

“I have consistently shown my skills in a higher weight class,” said the official website of the One Championship, which summarizes Kim Jae-woong’s featherweight days, “I hope to beat Bellingon and start running for the top of the bantamweight class.”

Kim Jaewoong raised his international status by beating former lightweight champion Hapaeu Nunis (35) ▲ former welterweight champion Yamada Tetsuya (32) ▲ former lightweight and featherweight champion Martin Nguyen (33, Australia) of the ▲ Brazil between 2019-2021.

However, Kim Jae-woong suffered a punch KO loss to fourth-ranked Tang Kai (26, China) in 2 minutes and 7 seconds in a match in which he played as the first featherweight player of the One Championship in March this year. We had no choice but to watch Tang Kai become the champion in August.

The official website of the One Championship said, “Kim Jae-woong is the owner of boxing attack power that shocks the opponent so much that he feels his brain shaking.” “If you beat Bellingon, a former champion, you can say that you have taken a big step toward the goal of winning the bantamweight throne,” he said, adding meaning to the matchup.

Kim Jae-woong’s destructive power proved in the featherweight class, including the KO winning rate of 66.7% (8/12). The official website of the One Championship expressed the player’s determination, saying, “As soon as I come down to the bantamweight level, I want to immediately affect the player’s determination.

Bellingon has already played 20 games (11 wins and 9 losses) in the One Championship. He has a lot of big match experience, as he has played only four one-championship bantamweight titles, including the provisional championship match.

The official website of the One Championship said, “If Kim Jae-woong’s punch is good, Bellingon’s kick is explosive. “We will meet fighters who like batting battles and have a great battle,” he said, expecting a great match.

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