Kim Joo-hyung is the first candidate to win a major golf..

Kim Joo-hyung is the first candidate to win a major golf tournament in 2023 selected by SI

Kim Joo-hyung

Kim Joo-hyung (20) was selected as one of the five players who are likely to win their first major golf tournament next year.

Sports Illustrated included Kim Joo-hyung on the 29th when it selected and unveiled five players who have already shown performance that will be more than winning a major tournament or are expected to wear the major tournament crown due to their clear upward trend next year.

The media said, “Kim Joo-hyung is still young, but he has talent and strong mental strength, making him a candidate for the major tournament next year,” adding, “Young Kim Joo-hyung’s spirit can be the best weapon in major tournaments.” “The passion and finishing ability shown in the Presidents Cup are also outstanding,” he said. He also added that all four major tournament winners this year were players in their 20s.

Kim Joo-hyung won the PGA Tour Wyndham Championship in August and the Schriners Children’s Open in October, breaking Tiger Woods’ record of two wins. Woods achieved two wins at 20 years and nine months, and Kim Joo-hyung, who was 20 years and three months old, was six months earlier. Kim also won two games in 18 games and lifted his second trophy faster than Woods, who won two games in 20 games. 파워볼사이트

Other than  Joo-hyung, Will Jalertoris (USA), who finished second three times in major tournaments, Patrick Cantlay (USA), who has the highest world ranking (4th) among players who have never won major tournaments, Xander Schopley (USA), and Tony Finau (USA), who won two consecutive tournaments this year.

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