Kim Kardashian ‘uncomfortable’ with ex-husband

Kim Kardashian ‘uncomfortable’ with ex-husband remarriage–“confused”

Reality star Kim Kardashian is worried about ex-husband’s remarriage of musician Kanye West.

According to foreign media reports on the 18th, Kim Kardashian and his family are confused and worried about Kanye West’s sudden remarriage.

Kim Kardashian

Sources say Kardashian is worried about how Kanye West’s remarried wife Bianca Sensori will affect the lives of these children. The families are reportedly refusing to accept their marriage.

They are also reportedly waiting to see if Kanye West actually submits marriage documents. If the two submit marriage documents, they are said to be nervous because Bianca Sensori comes into the lives of these children.

Kardashian and Kanye West split in February 2021, and they have four children. Kardashian also complained of difficulties, referring to the co-parenting of her ex-husband and four children.

Kanye West recently married one of his employees, Bianca Sensori. According to foreign media reports, Kardashian has long despised strong voices for no apparent reason.

Kardashian is known for her self-made image, from the maidservant of Paris Hilton to famous celebrities, but due to her father Robert Kardashian’s success as a lawyer and businessman, Kardashian was a rich girl who grew up in a wealthy environment from birth.

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