Kim Ki-tae, today (3rd) will be the first guest of the OST..

Kim Ki-tae, today (3rd) will be the first guest of the OST of “Brain Cooperation” starring Jung Yong-hwa and Cha Tae-hyun.

Kim Ki-tae

Singer Kim Ki-tae will be the first runner of the “Brain Cooperation” OST.

Kim Ki-tae released the KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama “Brain Cooperation” OST Part.1 “We Are” at 6 p.m. today (3rd) through various online music sites.

The drama “Brain Cooperation” is a full-fledged brain science comic investigation drama in which two men, Shin Haru (Jeong Yong-hwa) and Geum Myung-se (Cha Tae-hyun), who are desperate to kill each other, solve criminal cases related to rare brain diseases. Kim Ki-tae was chosen as the singer who opened the first OST.

“Weah” goes through the impressive intro of the guitar riff with a drum solo, and Kim Ki-tae’s rock vocal hits his ears as if he were hitting his chest. It feels like listening to legendary rock metal vocalists who were popular around the world in the 80s and stimulates the nostalgia of old rock fans.

The powerful message of the lyrics, which strengthens the passion that does not give up and the will that does not break, is expected to touch the hearts of viewers of the small screen as the main theme song of the drama “Brain Cooperation.”

Ki-tae was the final winner of JTBC’s “Sing Again 2” which ended in February last year. In addition to the release of his album, Kim Ki-tae has become an icon of victory by creating an all-time stage from his first appearance in KBS2’s “Immortal Song,” the final victory of Patty Kim’s first division, and the final victory of the “2022 King of Kings.”

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