Kim Na-young signed an exclusive contract with her former..

Kim Na-young signed an exclusive contract with her former agency Neverland Story [official]

Kim Na-young

Singer Kim Na-young has returned to Neverland Story.

On the 16th, the agency Neverland Story said, “Singer Kim Na-young recently signed an exclusive contract with the company. “I’m happy to meet the artist I’ve been with since my debut, and I will prepare an album and a live stage that highlights communication with fans and Kim Na-young’s musical capabilities in the future,” he said.

Kim Na-young recently decided to return to Neverland Story, an agency that can sympathize with the musical direction she wants to pursue and best understand full support, instead of looking for a new agency after the end of her exclusive contract with FlexM.

In particular, producer Kim Se-jin, along with Kim Na-young, also decided to go to Neverland Story. Kim Se-jin has been in charge of producing Kim Na-young with top Korean vocalists such as Lee Seung-chul, Gummy and Baek Ji-young, so she will further boost Kim Na-young’s musical capabilities in the upcoming album.

Na-young made her name known by participating in Jungkey’s “Holo” featuring in August 2012, and later became a music chart powerhouse by releasing hit songs such as “To Be Honest,” “How Was It?” and “Press Your Number.” Last year, to mark the 10th anniversary of his debut, he released a special single, “I Can’t Help It,” and finished the fan meeting and year-end concerts successfully.

He is also called an OST queen with unrivaled music power by participating in a number of drama OSTs such as “Descendants of the Sun,” “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” “Do You Like Brahms,” “Wedding” and “That Year We Are.”

Meanwhile, the Neverland Story included male R&B duo Jijivan, Electronic Man, and Hyun-ki.

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