Kim Nayoung, you even know all the paintings sold in MyQ…

Kim Nayoung, you even know all the paintings sold in MyQ…

Kim Nayoung

Broadcaster Kim Nayoung (41) expressed her affection for her lover, singer and painter MyQ (real name Yoo Hyun-seok, 42).

On the 4th, a video of “Nayoung’s Vlog” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Kim Na-young’s No Filter TV.”

In the video, Kim Na-young visited a department store where MyQ’s paintings were displayed. MyQ is holding an exhibition called “Everyday Forever Days” at the Shinsegae Department Store headquarters from November 9 to December 29.

Kim Na-young recommended the department store exhibition as a year-end outing course and said, “I came to Myeong-dong because I had something to do. Since we’re here, shall we? “I like paintings so much, but it’s rumored that my artwork here is good,” he said.

Although she introduced the paintings as if she had never seen them before, Kim Na-young smiled with her amazing information power, saying, “This is probably a painting from Jeju Island,” “This painting was sold,” and “Is 1981 the year the artist was born?”

Kim Nayoung cited the painting she drew on Jeju Island as her “one pick” and said, “I get inspiration from day to day by looking at the color. There are several colors, so some days you can see colors that you couldn’t see. He explained, “Because there is no clear shape, it is possible to look like this on some days and like that on some days to give comfort or healing to the mind.”

Kim Na-young and MyQ have been dating publicly since November last year. Kim Na-young, a single mother, is raising Shin-woo, the first born in 2016, and Lee Joon, the second born in 2018.

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