Kim Young-sun, CEO of ‘From FNC’, launches boy group..

Kim Young-sun, CEO of ‘From FNC’, launches boy group within the first half of the year, “Industry interest ↑”

Kim Young-sun

CEO Kim Young-sun, a founding member of FNC Entertainment, will launch her first boy group in the first half of this year.

On the 12th, Great M Entertainment will launch a new boy group that will cause a change in the music industry in the summer of 2023. Earlier, it said it will launch the “Rare House Project” and accelerate its debut by sequentially introducing various contents containing the colors and identities of trainees ahead of their debut.

Rarehouse is a combination of ‘Rare’ and ‘House’. It means that unusual, individual trainees with distinct personalities create their own content. As proof of this, rare house trainees have been uploading creative videos, including self-written rap, based on global shortform video platform TikTok since April last year, and have been going viral at home and abroad, surpassing 330,000 TikTok followers before their official debut.

CEO Kim Young-sun, who broke the framework of the usual boy group debut promotion, said, “In line with the media era, where various forms of content are pouring in, I think the role of the agency has now changed to create an environment where artists can play properly.”

Through the ‘Rare House Project,’ trainees will present sincere content containing their thoughts and emotions to the public. It will be a process for trainees to properly enjoy their creative activities and realize what they can do best, he said. “I hope the trainees will look forward to the birth of a group that is ‘made’ by themselves, not ‘made’ by adults.”

Great M Entertainment includes Choa from AOA and actors Kim Da-eun and Kim Ha-joon.

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