“Kimcheon New Head Coach” Sung Han-soo.

“Kimcheon New Head Coach” Sung Han-soo, “We will be promoted to more than 20 wins.”


Gimcheon Sangmu Sung Han-soo expressed his willingness to be promoted.

On the 3rd, Gimcheon Sangmu began training after summoning the team for the 2023 season at the Armed Forces Sports Unit. Sung Han-soo, the new head coach, met the players and took his first step as a coach.

Coach Sung Han-soo started as a permanent manager of Gimcheon in 2021, served as a senior coach in 2022, and took over as a coach in 2023. In the first year of its foundation, it won the K League 2 title, was promoted, and was demoted the following year.

Coach Sung Han-soo said, “The 2022 season was more regrettable than enjoyable.” I couldn’t laugh much because I didn’t have much memory of winning. “I hope the 2023 season will be a fun season with a lot to laugh about,” he said.

Coach Sung Han-soo, who has just taken the helm of Gimcheon Sangmu, has set the team color of 2023 Gimcheon Sangmu as “attack” soccer as a former striker. Gimcheon, who suffered from chronic diseases in scoring ability in the 2022 season, will be transformed into fast and fun soccer in the 2023 season.

Coach Sung Han-soo said, “We will focus on scoring in the 2023 season. We will play a game that can increase the satisfaction of fans by scoring multiple points. He explained, “We will show soccer that fans can enjoy with fast soccer and fun soccer.”

Expectations were also expressed for new recruits who are about to enter the Army Training Center on the 16th. Coach Sung Han-soo said, “I’m looking forward to the enlistment of good players such as striker Cho Young-wook, Won Doo-jae, and Kang Hyun-moo. “I hope you will overcome the repeated enlistment and discharge and have a fun and rewarding season with the players,” he said.

Coach Sung Han-soo is full of hopes and expectations for the new season, but a six-month term has been set upon his appointment. This is because the Armed Forces Sports Unit will appoint a military director in July.

In response, coach Sung Han-soo said, “In fact, I don’t care much about my position. Whether it’s a coach or a senior coach, you can show them what you can do. We will do our best to build victory and be promoted in 2023. “We will win more in 2023 than 20 wins in 2021,” he said.

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