Ko Kyung-pyo plays the role of the murderer.”You said you’d…

Ko Kyung-pyo plays the role of the murderer.”You said you’d lose weight, but gain more weight”

Ko Kyung-pyo

Takashi Miike, director of “Connect,” mentioned the presence of Ko Kyung-pyo, who appears as a serial killer in the play.

Director Takashi Miike told various stories in an interview with Disney Plus (Disney+) original “Connect” held at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 6th.

“Connect” is a drama that tells the story of a new human being with a non-die body, “Connect,” who knows that his eyes were kidnapped by organ trafficking organizations and then transplanted into a serial killer who made Korea noisy.

In “Connect,” Ko played the role of Oh Jin-seop, a serial killer who received Connect’s eyes.

Jin-seop is a perfect colleague and team leader in the company, but inside he is a character who makes a series of dead body art that makes Korea noisy with strange and dark aspects that others cannot even imagine.

Coach Takashi Miike told Ko Kyung-pyo’s casting process and said, “Ko Kyung-pyo is a devil,” giving laughter to the scene.

Earlier, director Takashi Miike told a press conference for “Connect” held the previous day, “I thought it fit well with the killer’s acting after seeing him smile even though he was late for the first meeting.”

Coach Takashi Miike continued, “To say I’m the devil, I mean I’m a person with a lot of attractive charms,” smiling, “And even if I do something wrong, I can easily forgive, and I think I’ll have to forgive quickly.”

“At the first meeting, Ko Kyung-pyo was 30 minutes late, and I had seen all the slim-looking pictures before. But what I saw was that he was fat, and he came and said with a smile, “I failed my diet.” He was intrigued by the appearance of not trying to hide himself at all. I thought, “This person is funny,” and I became a fan. He expressed his affection, saying, “I personally like him.”

Director Takashi Miike also said, “In fact, when we first met, Ko Kyung-pyo said he would lose more weight before filming. But he actually appeared after gaining more weight,” he said, causing laughter at the scene.

“At that time, he said with a cute smile, ‘I failed my diet,’ and I thought it was good visually because the original webtoon had a slim psychopath image, but I also thought that it was the power of psychopaths to attract people while smiling like this.” “So I thought it would be nice to show this image as it is,” he said.

He also said it was interesting to watch the meeting between Jung Hae-in and Ko Kyung-pyo through “Connect.”

Director Takashi Miike said, “I actually didn’t know which actors were popular in Korea. When I asked Jung Hae-in, who was cast first, Ko Kyung-pyo, he said he liked Ko Kyung-pyo and wanted to act together. The two are actually close, but they are rivals in the drama. Being in a drama together can be a (positive) battle between each other as actors. He said, “I thought it could be an opportunity to rise together.”

He also said, “It’s my first attempt at a Korean work, and I expected a chemical reaction that harmonized with it. There is a great pleasure in sharing the results with various talented people. While watching the monitor, I filmed it with joy as if I were watching a Korean Wave drama,” he expressed satisfaction.

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