KT Genie TV Stop Sending Unification TV…”Protecting..

KT Genie TV Stop Sending Unification TV…”Protecting customer rights due to content problems”

Industry officials said that the transmission of “Unification TV” (channel number 262), which was broadcast on KT’s IPTV service “Genie TV,” was suspended on the 18th.


The official told Yonhap News, “The broadcast of Unification TV has been suspended since this afternoon,” adding, “I don’t know the specific reason.”

Genie TV later broadcasts subtitles on channel 262, saying, “Unification TV provided by Genie TV informs us that the provision of broadcasting programs has been inevitably suspended to protect customers’ rights and interests due to problems in the contents of the broadcast program.”

Genie TV also announced, “We will do our best to comply with related laws, faithfully fulfill the responsibilities of broadcasters, and provide better broadcasting services to customers.” The same notice was posted on the KT website.

Unification TV is a broadcasting channel that deals with inter-Korean issues and was approved by the Ministry of Science and ICT in May 2021. It then signed a basic contract with KT Olleh TV (currently Genie TV) to supply multimedia broadcasting contents in July last year, and aired its first broadcast on Olleh TV a month later in August.

Currently, videos such as “Day in the North,” which broadcasts legally broadcastable content in a news format among all programs broadcast on Chosun Central TV, and “Fountain of Wisdom to Tomorrow,” which “face Korea’s politics, society, economy, and culture like a microscope.”

Earlier, Unification TV introduced it as “the first unification specialized channel to convey the lives of North Korean affiliates and compatriots” at a press conference held in September 2018, while preparing to open the country.

He said he would introduce North Korea’s overall social and culture, including famous mountains, tourist attractions, historical and cultural relics, food, cooking, food, clothing, food, clothing, sports, music, movies, and dramas, while promoting North Korea’s video broadcasts and joint production.

At that time, Jincheon-gyu, a former Hankyoreh photographer who revealed his “18 times of coverage of North Korea,” was the chairman of the Unification TV Preparation Committee, and former Unification Minister Jeong Se-hyun, former NIS chief Lee Jong-chan, and former National Assemblyman Kwon Young-gil participated as standing advisors.

According to the company’s introduction, Chung is currently the chairman of the Unification TV Cooperative and Jin is the CEO of Unification TV.

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