Kwon Yuri, another good deed for your birthday.

Kwon Yuri, another good deed for your birthday.Donation for Young People Preparing for Independence

Kwon Yuri

Singer and actress Kwon Kwon-ri is drawing attention with another good deed.

On the 5th, Kwon participated in the Beautiful Foundation Self-reliance Preparation Youth Support Campaign “18 Adults” to film YouTube content and record podcasts, as well as delivering donations for self-reliance kit gifts and education expenses for college students.

In particular, Kwon Kwon-ri gave an opinion on a package of “self-reliance kits” consisting of daily necessities useful for self-reliance, such as towels, blankets, tableware sets, and candles, and added warmth by wrapping themselves with sincere cheering messages on the card.

Kwon Kwon-ri recently became interested in “Self-reliance Preparation Youth” after playing a character that helps the younger siblings of the nursery school who grew up together in the drama “Good Job,” which ended in favorable reviews, and naturally a warm heart continued while sharing concerns.

Kwon Kwon-ri said, “I participated because I wanted to spend a special birthday with someone, not just receiving it,” adding, “I hope that the day of ’18 adults’ who are trying to stand alone at an early age will be well conveyed.”

In the meantime, Kwon has been leading the sharing of “good influence” whenever he has opportunities, including donations for forest fire relief in Gangwon-do, participation in Happy Bean special funding for single mothers, donation of talent for Greenpeace International’s 50th anniversary project, donation of products and donations to support the vulnerable elderly.

Meanwhile, Kwon Kwon-ri will appear in the cinematic road movie “The Hidden-Kwon Yuri Episode,” and the second part will be broadcast on the Discovery Channel on the 8th.

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