La La Land Music Director CODA Released Aug. 31

La La Land Music Director CODA Released Aug. 31

The well-made music film “Coda” will meet with Korean audiences on the 31st.

The movie “Coda” (director Sean Hayder) is about a CODA Ruby who connects a family who can’t hear a sound to the world one summer.

It’s a touching music drama that happens to fall in love with a song and run towards a dream.

It is drawing attention from the audience with the movie that earned the “Triple F” rating following its ecstatic OST and heart-warming emotion.

“Triple F-rated” was introduced for the first time at the British Bath Film Festival in 2014, directed by female directors, written by female writers,

Three items of female actors are evaluated and classified if all three items are met.

Directed and written by Sean Hader, director of the Netflix drama Orange is the New Black.

New actress Emilia Jones, who made her face known to Korean audiences through “One Day” and “Doctor Who,” plays the role of Ruby, the blue CODA.

Actress Marley Mattlin, the youngest actress in Oscar history to win Best Actress, plays a mother Jackie who understands her daughter Ruby’s heart.

He also participated in some of the best music films such as La La Land, Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet.

With the participation of genius music director Marius de Bris, the performance has been improved.안전놀이터

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