“Lamos, pompous, PSG internal strife.” Shock.

“Lamos, pompous, PSG internal strife.” Shock.


It has been reported that Sergio Ramos, 35, caused problems internally within the team while he had not yet played an official game at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The German version of “Sky Sports” and the Dutch version of “De Telegraph” quoted a report by Spanish radio station “Cadena SER” on the 19th. According to media, Ramos has made controversial claims about his position in a super star-studded PSG team.

Although he has just come to PSG, he considers himself a star of the club and has delivered these demands. The media reported that Ramos acted as if he were the star of the team, irritating some of the players and staff at PSG.

Ramos left Real Madrid for PSG this summer after playing for 16 years. The PSG transfer of Real Madrid and Spanish national team legend Ramos is considered one of the big news for this summer’s transfer market. The news of his transfer to Paris has drifted away for a while since the world’s top star Lionel Messi has moved away from the news.

Ramos is still in full form with a calf injury. He has not participated in Euro 2020 due to injury and has yet to fully recover. PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino did not mention his exact return schedule, but French media expect him to play early next month.

With Ramos not even in perfect physical condition, there is likely to be a lot of controversy over reports that Ramos acted that could undermine teamwork.

“It remains to be seen whether Ramos will be able to live up to his image in performance,” Sky Sports said. He is currently injured and competitive with Marquinos or Kimpembe.

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