[LCK] Gen.G-T1, side by side, 2R straight…

[LCK] Gen.G-T1, side by side, 2R straight…6 teams are confirmed to advance to PO


All six teams that will compete in the “League of Legends Champions Korea” summer playoffs have been confirmed. Gen.G and T1 went straight to the second round of the playoffs, while Reeve Sandbox, Damwon Kia, KT Rolster and DRX will face off in the first round.

Gen.G, who won 16 consecutive sets, challenged the record for the most consecutive wins in LCK single split sets in a match against Damwon Kia held on the 5th, but remained at the tie record. Gen.G, who won a big victory in the first set, was killed by Damwon Kia until the middle of the second set, but also won the battle of Baron Nashor in a row. In the end, however, Gen.G lost two sets and had to settle for a winning record of 17 consecutive sets.

Gen.G set the second record after Summer SK Telecom T1 in 2015 with the most consecutive LCK single split sets.

Although he failed to set the milestone, Gen.G beat Damwon Kia 2-1 to continue its nine-game winning streak. Gen.G, who had 15 wins and 1 loss and a set gain +27, went straight to the second round of the playoffs, securing at least second place. Gen.G will secure the top spot in the summer regular league by beating T1’s pursuit if he wins one more of the two games assigned to Week 9.

T1 also secured at least second place in the regular league in the eighth week as it won consecutive games with teams that failed to advance to the playoffs, including Hanwha Life e-Sports and Nongshim Red Force. Gen.G-T1

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