LDL RA 2nd Army, Crown Prince who broke through “Blood Purging”

LDL RA 2nd Army, Crown Prince who broke through “Blood Purging” (RAP vs RC)


An unexpected team became the “Prince” amid the “blood purge” in China’s e-sports world.

In the LDL (Chinese League of Legends) spring playoffs on the 7th, RA.P (Rare Atom Pioriod), RA’s second-tier team, beat RC (Royal Club) 3-2 to win the game.

TES.C., the eldest son in Group B, who was originally expected to win, was directly hit by the Chinese authorities’ restrictions on professional gamers under the age of 18.

Along with Portic, who was once in the first division, Wang Xiao, the team’s dealer, urgently leased “Imeng,” who had not been able to get a chance to play in WE, and “Naiyou,” who was at the top of the Korean solo rankings, was also replaced by “Naruto,” losing power. In the end, TES.C, who failed to dominate the waist, shed tears on RA.P. with a “blood purge” in the semifinals.

On the other hand, RA.P maintained its full power during other teams’ faltering days. The reason was that they set up all their might with players over the age of 18, who were treated as somewhat older players in other teams.

RA.P, who beat them and went up, met the Royal Club in the final. The Royal Club was also a team that maintained its full power to avoid the “blood purge.”

In the first set of the finals, RA.P gave up its first set score to the opponent after being completely defeated by the opponent’s top liner Xiaobai (Kennen)’s four-man ultimate hit in the 16th minute. However, in the second set, he won by creating an ace in the 20th minute due to the difference in the “continuous dealing” of a single hit against the Royal Club, which chose Cindra One Deal.

In the third set, a hit occurred near the mid-line when the game was not tilted to one side until the 26th minute, and RA and P won by melting the opponent’s front line (Renecton-Viego-Sylus) with the firepower of Rise, who grew well.

In the fourth set, RA.P., which accumulated losses in the top 3-3 battle and the bottom 2-2 battle early, fell behind in all lines. He tried to take the game time as long as possible, but the game ended around the 34th minute by giving up the opponent the spirit of the flame (not 4 use) and Baron.

In the last five sets, a somewhat difficult combination (Renecton-Gwen-Akali-Kaisa-Set) without long-distance initiating was taken out from the Royal Court. The only long-distance initiating means was Gwen’s ultimate skill. Recognizing this, RA.P confidently preoccupied the position in the early battle and dominated the dragon in the 5th minute and the messenger in the 8th minute.

RA.P, who broke the bottom tower in 10 minutes, slowly tried to dominate the game with Aphelios’ power, but Royal Club’s one-dealer Such (Kaisa) blocked it with performance as if he were watching the first-tier team’s Gala.

However, due to the nature of the Royal Club, which does not have a “long-distance initiator,” he had no choice but to initiate with his body, and Aphelios made some strange use of the Moonlight Saturation (R), but RA.P eventually became the crown prince in the 31st minute with Oriana-Viego’s power. LDL

RA.P, who accidentally got a chance with the “blood purge,” will become the crown prince, who has never risen since 2019. On the other hand, the Royal Club, which boasted a long history, unfortunately failed to become an emperor in the second division (RC) following the first division (RNG) of the summer season.

The final MVP was won by Midliner Strive, who showed stable performance throughout the final. He also proved his qualifications by tying the playoffs MVP points with SDX’s mid-liner Harder. LDL

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