LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam Talks About Witness After Suspension

LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam Talks About Witness After Suspension


The sighting of Kim Garam, a member of the group LE SSERAFIM, who was excluded from the activity due to the controversy over school violence, has become a hot topic.

On the 19th, an article titled “Kim Garam’s update” was posted on an online community.

The writer claimed, “Kim Garam, who is currently being asked to leave, has suspended his activities for about a month so far, but based on his recent status, he is not active, but still comes out well at the company and signs his fans.”

“Specifically, one fan posted a photo of the LE SSERAFIM album with the autographs of six members on the fan community,” he said, attaching an article by overseas fan A as evidence.

Overseas fan A said through the community, “Kim Garam seems to be practicing while working at the company, and nothing seems to have changed. I don’t think I have to worry.”

In response, the writer pointed out, “Another overseas fan also released an autographed album that she received from Kim Garam on Twitter,” and added, “I think she is measuring her comeback angle as she comes out to practice and signs to her fans.”

Earlier, Kim Garam was embroiled in a controversy over school violence, and victim A’s law firm confessed in a statement, saying, “I was assaulted by Kim Garam and his friends in late April to early May 2018, and I transferred to another school one or two weeks after the incident.”

In particular, in the process, A revealed that “the School Violence Countermeasures Committee was held on June 4, 2018, and Kim Garam, a student who committed school violence, received six hours of special education and five hours of special education for parents under Article 17 (1) 5 of the Act.”

Later, Hive and Source Music claimed through Weverse that Kim Gar-ram was rather a victim and decided to “stop activities for a while and focus on healing the injured mind.” Until Kim Garam recovers and returns, LE SSERAFIM plans to work as a five-member system for the time being, he said.

In the end, only five members except Kim Ga-ram are showing their faces in music shows and schedules, but various reports have claimed that the agency Hive is not considering replacing members of LE SSERAFIM or switching to five members, and recently, it has become controversial.토토사이트

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