LeBron James, the No. 2 scorer of all time, …

LeBron James, the No. 2 scorer of all time, “I have no acquaintance with Abdul Java.”

LeBron James

It was a rather cold answer.

According to a report by local media Marca on the 4th, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers answered coldly when asked about Karim Abdul Java.

Karim Abdul-Java scored 38387 points in his career, ranking first in NBA history.

The runner-up is LeBron James, who currently has 37062 points.

James is aiming for the top scorer in his career beyond Abdul Java in the upcoming season.

LeBron James, who is on the verge of achieving a meaningful record, left a rather unexpected answer when asked about it, saying, “I have no thoughts and no acquaintance with Abdul Java.”

It is a public opinion that it is somewhat. Abdul Jabba is not only a respected legend in the NBA, but also a legend for the Los Angeles Lakers, where LeBron James belongs.

In this situation, it is common to leave a positive comment even out of courtesy, but James left a very cynical answer.

Some pointed out the negative reviews Abdul Jabba left about James.

Abdul Jabba has a history of continuously criticizing James’ behavior through his personal YouTube channel.

In particular, when James became controversial over the issue of non-vaccination, he strongly criticized it, saying, “It is very wrong behavior.” 코인파워볼

What’s certain is that the relationship between the top two scorers is not very favorable.

It was an interview with James, who made headlines for leaving a very cold and short answer about Abdul Java.

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