Lee Bo-young “Son Na-eun, your expression on the spot..

Lee Bo-young “Son Na-eun, your expression on the spot is in tatters…Check if you’re happy every day” (agent)

Lee Bo-young

“Agent” Lee Bo-young and Son Na-eun told an episode that occurred when they worked together for the first time.

On the afternoon of the 5th, JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Agent” (directed by Lee Chang-min and scripted by Song Soo-han) was held online. Director Lee Chang-min, actors Lee Bo-young, Cho Sung-ha, Son Na-eun, Han Joon-woo and Jeon Hye-jin attended the meeting.

“Agency” is a battle play by elegant advertisers that depicts Go Ah-in (Lee Bo-young), who became the first female executive of VC Group, an advertising agency, making her career beyond the first to the best position.

On this day, Lee Bo-young said about her role as Goa-in, “I come out as a goal-oriented person in this drama. “Winning is the best person to run only based on the results,” he introduced.

“I think social life is impossible to live this goal-oriented,” he said. “Sociality is a little low,” he said, expressing his honest thoughts on goal-oriented orphans.

Son Na-eun, who plays Kang Han-na, the youngest daughter of the VC group’s ‘chaebol house,’ said, “Kang Han-na is the third generation of chaebol. It is a character with a hunch that knows who will win and what will succeed. Please wait and see how Hannah will grow up with her intuition. Hannah appears in each episode and can have fun, he said.

Lee Bo-young then played Goa-in and said, “I felt a lot of catharsis.” He said, “An orphan says things that people only think about and dare not say. There were a lot of straightforward things, but I wondered when I would do it if it wasn’t at this time. “I screamed really well,” he said, signaling his turn into a tough one.

Lee Bo-young picked the scene where she first met Kang Han-na (Son Na-eun) as the scene she paid most attention to. He said, “I had to treat (Hannah) like a child. “It’s a scene where Kang Han-na is treated as a child, but I paid a lot of attention because I had to be very experienced,” he said.

Regarding her acting collaboration with Lee Bo-young, Son Na-eun said, “When I first heard that Lee Bo-young was playing the role of Goa-in, I thought it suited her so well. (Lee Bo-young) I can feel her charisma on the spot. Thanks to that, I was immersed in acting and did well,” he replied.

He told Lee Bo-young, “I’m very nervous on the spot, and Lee Bo-young talked a lot and helped me, so I was able to adapt well. I was thankful that my senior asked me how I was doing at the scene every time. “I want to take this opportunity to tell you,” he expressed his gratitude.

In response, Lee Bo-young said, “The director is persistent. “When I go to the set in the morning, the children’s expressions are in tatters,” he said. “I feel like my soul has escaped from the scene, so I said, ‘Are you guys happy at the scene?He replied, “I checked every day.”

He added with a smile, adding, “At first, I answered ‘yes’ without a soul, but now they tell me that I was so happy.”

Director Lee Chang-min, who was in charge of directing, said, “I cast the actors myself,” adding, “The actors here worked hard.” I made him practice a lot. Kang Han-na suffered a lot, and Park Young-woo (Han Joon-woo) also practiced a lot. The two practiced a lot,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lee Bo-young and Son Na-eun expressed their feelings ahead of the first broadcast of “Agent.”

Lee Bo-young said, “I like fun dramas. “I hope it will be introduced in a fun way,” he said. “I don’t want to impress you awkwardly,” expressing confidence in the drama.

He said, “The orphan is a person without blood or tears and has the mind that ‘I’m the only one who’s good.’ I didn’t live in a desire-oriented way. “I met a character who is faithful to his desires and lived a combative life,” he added.

Son Na-eun then said, “Kang Han-na is the most unique character I have ever played. He also prepared it by giving his own opinions on the style and props. I screamed and got angry a lot because I was honest and straightforward. “I tried to look attractive because I could look hateful,” he said.

Meanwhile, “Agent” will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on January 7th, following “The Youngest Son of a Jaebeol House.”

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