Lee Bo-young who has become stronger….

Lee Bo-young who has become stronger, has no halo effect on “chaebol house,” but [TV report]

Lee Bo-young

Although he did not enjoy the halo effect of his previous work, “The Youngest Son of a Jaebeol House,” I am curious about Lee Bo-young, who will be stronger to pierce the glass ceiling. It’s about the drama “The Agency.”

JTBC’s new Saturday-Sunday drama “Agent” (written by Song Soo-han/directed by Lee Chang-min) is an elegant advertising agency office drama that depicts an orphan who became the first female executive of the VC group making his career beyond the first to the highest position.

The first episode of “Agent,” which aired on January 7, depicts how an orphan from a local national university rose to the CD position. To go up, he acted cold and cold enough to be called a “don’t-siopath,” but spent most of his time introducing the life of orphans who could only live by relying on medicine. It gave the impression that it was boring because it was filled with introductions without a big incident.

In the second episode, which announced the start of the full-fledged story, the disappointment was made up. Although she became the first female executive in VC planning, the desperate growth pain experienced by orphans who found out that she was a one-year deadline was depicted. The Goa-in, who entered the situation where everything was organized, did not run away and heralded a head-to-head match, giving a chewy tension.

The appointment of orphans as female executives was all for Kang Yong-ho (Song Young-chang) and Kang Na-eun (Son Na-eun), the daughter of VC Group Chairman. The story of an orphan who was used for Kang Han-na and Kang Han-na’s hand in hand also raised curiosity.

Lee Bo-young’s strong performance is the biggest viewing point of the “agent.” The ear-splitting accuracy of the lines made the orphan’s charisma stand out. Actors such as Jeon Hye-jin, Kwon Woo-chul, and Lee Chang-hoon, who have solid acting skills, have played the role of licorice, increasing their immersion.

Unfortunately, there was no halo effect of the previous ‘youngest son of a chaebol family’. “The Youngest Son of a Jaebeol House” ended with a 26.9% viewer rating in the last episode, but “The Agency” started with a 4.8% viewer rating. However, it entered the 5% viewer rating in just two episodes, raising expectations. Attention is focusing on whether the “agent,” which will contain the fierce life of orphans, will be able to succeed in the box office by going viral.

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