Lee Jung-hyun joins “Shark: The Storm”…I’ll prove it

Lee Jung-hyun joins “Shark: The Storm”…I’ll prove it

Lee Jung-hyun

Actor Lee Jung-hyun has confirmed his appearance in the original TVing series “Shark: The Storm.”

The agency Initial Entertainment said on the 28th, “Lee Jung-hyun will return with ‘Shark: The Beginning’ season 2 ‘Shark: The Storm’. Please look forward to and love Lee Jung-hyun’s move, which will show a new side in season 2 following season 1,” he said.

“Shark: The Storm” is a season 2 work of the original TVing film “Shark: The Beginning,” which was loved for its cheerful action, and unlike season 1, which was produced as a movie, it will be reborn as a six-part drama this time.

Based on the popular webtoon “Shark,” the series tells the story of Cha Woo-sol (Kim Min-seok), a victim of school violence, who stabbed the perpetrator in the eye for three years, becoming a criminal from bullying and a world mixed martial arts champion. Season 2, which returned to the drama, is expected to cover Cha Woo-sol’s life after he was released from prison.

Lee Jung-hyun once again plays Han Sung-yong, who showed impressive performance with his sleek and colorful kicking skills. In season 1, Han Sung-yong is usually playful, but he caught the eye of viewers by showing a clever confrontation with a more serious and faster brain rotation than anyone else. In Season 2, expectations are even higher as Han Sung-yong will be depicted challenging a new life after being released from prison.

Lee Jung-hyun, who has been eye-catching through numerous masterpieces such as the movies “Park Yeol,” “Battleship Island,” dramas “Mr. Sunshine” and “Sweet Home,” continues to be active as the MC of JTBC’s recently aired entertainment program “World Dark Tour.” Attention is being paid to Lee Jung-hyun’s performance, which will show an upgraded action performance through “Shark: The Storm.”

Meanwhile, “Shark: The Storm” stars Lee Jung-hyun, actors Kim Min-seok, Lee Hyun-wook, Bae Myung-jin, and Park Jin. It will be cranked in in July and will be released exclusively through Tving in the first half of next year.코인파워볼

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