Lee Nayoung 25,000 won Should I sell out eye cream

Lee Nayoung 25,000 won Should I sell out eye cream I put on a few skin tips

Lee Nayoung

Actress Lee Na-young cited eye cream as her usual secret to skin care.

Lee Na-young introduced her favorite item in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel Vogue Korea on May 31. Lee Na-young, who usually prefers mini bags, introduced the items she carries often.

Especially for skin care, Lee Na-young always has eye cream, oil, and moisturizing cream.

Among them, about eye cream, “I buy a few of these and put them close to me and use them.” I put it in the car and put one in my pocket. Just open it and put it on. So I wrote it comfortably

“I went on a trip with my stylist and I kept using this, so I told her to wash her hands and use it.” If you use it so much (washing your hands), you can’t use it well,” he said with a smile. “This is a product that I am using closely,” he explained.

Lee Na-young’s favorite item, eye cream, is a product of small and medium-sized companies in Korea, and is sold for 250,000 won in 10 packs on the official website

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