Lee Sang-min’s 17 years of debt settlement New Life

Lee Sang-min’s 17 years of debt settlement New Life in the second half of this year

Lee Sang-min

Lee Sang-min will end his 17-year debt repayment in the second half of this year.

SBS’ “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on the 19th, depicts Lee Sang-min heading to Jeju Island to find a new house.

Tak Jae-hoon asked Lee Sang-min why he came to Jeju Island. Lee Sang-min, who opened his mouth saying, “You worked hard, really,” said, “Lee Sang-min’s new life begins between this fall and winter.” We will clear up all our debts,” he said.

Seo Jang-hoon said, “It was really hard. A lot of people misunderstand. A few years ago, they said it would only take a year, but there were ups and downs in it. “I had a hard time because something that I didn’t have suddenly appeared again,” he said, talking about Lee Sang-min’s 17-year life in debt.

Lee Sang-min said, “I’m going to earn hard. Shouldn’t I take it easy like you later on? So I want to live in Jeju Island, so I will go to see the house by price range,” he said, looking for the next house with Tak Jae-hoon. Seo Jang-hoon added, “The original Paju house will be moved out after the contract ends in July.”

In 2005, Lee Sang-min took on 6.9 billion won in debt due to business failures. Since then, Lee Sang-min has appeared on various broadcasts and expressed his willingness to pay off his debts, and has also received a lot of support by sublimating his situation into the character of “Gung Sang-min.”

In 2020, Lee Sang-min said he paid off about 90% of his debts, but confessed that his debt increased from 900 million won to 1.6 billion won last year.

Some people cheered for Lee Sang-min’s debt, which is not easily reduced, while others criticized it. In particular, controversy over “fake debtors” spread last year.

Lee Jin-ho, president of entertainment, said through various broadcasts that Lee Sang-min earns about 2.092.8 billion won a year. In addition, the fact that Lee Sang-min collected 220 pairs of shoes in 2017 but had 400 pairs of shoes in 2022 was also cited as the basis for the controversy over “fake debtors.”

As the controversy spread, Internet users expressed various views, such as “If it’s a concept, I think people who are really suffering from debt will be angry,” and “Maybe they are working hard while paying off their debts and being comforted by their hobbies.”

At the time, Lee Sang-min’s agency told Expots News, “I ask for your understanding that there is nothing I can tell you because it is personal.”

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