Lee Soo-hyuk X Aiki Joins the MC of “Living

Lee Soo-hyuk X Aiki Joins the MC of “Living Together, Not Marriage”…the first episode of the Lunar New Year holiday

Lee Soo-hyuk

Actor Lee Soo-hyuk and dancer Aiki will join as MCs of “Living Together, Not Marriage.”

Channel A’s new entertainment program “Living Together, Not Marriage” said on the 6th, “Aiki, an icon of the MZ generation who is ahead of the trend, and Lee Soo-hyuk, who is a ‘cold handsome man’ on the outside, but full of unexpected charm, will join as hosts.”

As a result, “Living Together instead of Marriage” has completed an MC corps with a variety of experiences, including Han Hye-jin and Lee Yong-jin, Aiki and Lee Soo-hyuk.

Dancer Aiki completed her first and last love at the same time at the same time. This year marks her 12th wedding anniversary, and she is also a mother of one child. Attention is focusing on what Aiki, who was also ahead of love, will tell about the vivid reality of living together between men and women in 2023.

In addition, actor Lee Soo-hyuk is a single man with a twist charm that is full of curiosity, unlike his cold and intelligent appearance. Lee Soo-hyuk is expected to truly sympathize with the stories of men and women living together from the viewer’s point of view and captivate women and men at the same time.

In “Living Together, Not Marriage,” which will air for the first time during the Lunar New Year holiday, the observation period of real couples’ cohabitation, which is deeper than dating and more thrilling than marriage, will be revealed. Through marriage “before”, marriage “instead”, and cohabitation in the form of love that couples choose these days, they listen to honest and bold stories of men and women living together.

Channel A’s ultra-realistic cohabitation observation love story “Cohabitation, Not Marriage,” which predicted the biggest problematic work in 2023, will air for the first time during the Lunar New Year holiday.

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