Legendary Daewoo unveiled the statue of Novitsky

Legendary Daewoo unveiled the statue of Novitsky over 7m in Dallas


Nowitzki protects Dallas’ home stadium forever.

The Dallas Mavericks unveiled the statue of the team’s legend, Duk Nobitsky, at the square south of the American Airlines Center, their home stadium, on the 26th (Korea Standard Time).

The statue was unveiled to fans three years and eight months after Dallas owner Mark Cuban announced the production for the first time in front of home fans on April 10, 2019, when the team’s last home game, which led to the team’s first and last final victory in 2011.

At the time, as Cuban promised, “It is natural to permanently cancel Nobitsky’s back number, and in addition, I will make the world’s largest and cool statue,” the statue was completed with a total length of about 7.3 meters and a weight of about 4,080 kilograms through Omri Amrani, a renowned American sculptor.

Cuban said, “This statue is a reward for giving joy to me and all Dallas fans,” and Nobitsky, who saw the statue with his family, also said, “It is very special to see this with my parents and my children.”

Coach Jason Kidd and Luca Doncic, who now lead Dallas, also attended the statue’s unveiling ceremony and sent a congratulatory message to Nobitsky.

Kid, who shared the joy of winning in 2011 with Nobitsuki, said, “It’s a great honor to play in a team with him,” and Doncic also said, “I feel good because Nobitsuki seems to be happy.” He was a player who deserved all this. “I’m really thrilled to see the statue,” he said, sending respect to the legend

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