Let’s eat green tea properly! Seven Efficiencies of Green Tea

Let’s eat green tea properly! Seven Efficiencies of Green Tea

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Many people look for green tea when they think of a simple cup of tea. Greentea is called greentea, even greentea leaves that are dried to a clear blue color, or even watery water. Greentea can be divided into three types, greentea / oolong tea / black tea, depending on the degree of fermentation.

Greentea not only has antioxidants but also lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, so it has a beneficial effect on our body when we take a drink a day.

1. Excellent at preventing freckles, freckles and blemishes

Vitamin C and E, the nutrients contained in green tea, have the effect of calming the skin damaged by sunlight. Therefore, it is good for preventing freckles, freckles, freckles, and blemishes that are prone to development due to frequent UV exposure.

2. Cholesterol Reduction Effect

If you take a large amount of caffeine, you can cause insomnia and anxiety, but if you take about one cup a day, it will have a beneficial effect. Among them, caffeine in green tea increases metabolism and has the effect of breaking down fat cells that accumulate in the body.

3. Excellent in blood sugar control

Greentea contains a large amount of catechin. So it removes cholesterol and lipids in the blood to help the circulation work smoothly. This lowers blood pressure and can be expected to help control blood sugar.

4. Drinking, relieving hangovers and removing nicotine that are good for smokers.

Green tea with aranine, asparaginic acid, amino acid, and catechin ingredients is good for relieving hangovers by quickly breaking down alcohol that enters the body. So if you drink greentea when you drink or after drinking, you can quickly break down the alcohol and get help in relieving hangovers.
In addition, it is recommended for smokers to get rid of nicotine accumulated in the body and drink greentea a day if you are a smoker.

5. Relief effects on acne-prone, inflammatory skin

Green tea has the effect of lowering the secretion of inflammatory chemicals. Therefore, it is effective in treating acne caused by inflammation, which can be expected to relieve and prevent acne by taking regular care of it with packs or facewash.

6. Strong teeth

Fluoride, one of the ingredients of greentea, inhibits tooth decay bacteria and prevents tooth decay. In addition, due to the polyphenol component of greentea, not only cavity bacteria but also gum disease can be prevented to maintain healthy teeth.

7. Heavy Metal Discharge in the Body

A component called tannin has the effect of releasing heavy metals in the body. This ingredient contains a large amount of green tea, which releases heavy metals piled up in the body. Heavy metals are usually found in fish and shellfish, so if you like fish and shellfish, you should drink green tea after meals.안전놀이터

The ingredients of green tea vary, so you can expect a variety of effects. However, caffeine contained in green tea ingredients can cause headaches and sleep disorders, so people who are sensitive to caffeine should take it during the day (activity time).

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