Like Ko Young-wook and Jung Joon-young? Instagram..

Like Ko Young-wook and Jung Joon-young? Instagram account will be deleted soon.

The Instagram account of Lee Keun (39), a former Navy Special Warfare Corps (UDT/SEAL) captain who participated in the Ukrainian volunteer army, was deleted. Lee claimed “hacking” damage amid speculation that Lee’s past conviction of sex crimes may have been a problem.


On the 19th, when I accessed Lee’s Instagram account, I said, ‘I’m sorry. The page is not available. The phrase ‘The link you clicked on is invalid or the page has been deleted’ appears.

In this regard, Lee said on his YouTube channel community, “The account was closed after uploading war-related posts. It has been temporarily deactivated due to suspicious activities (hacking, etc.), and will be reactivated after identifying himself,” he said.

However, some suspect that Lee’s past history of sex crimes is the reason for the account’s deactivation. This is because Instagram prohibits the use of sex offenders.

Instagram said on its customer center page, “Sex-criminals who have been convicted cannot use Instagram. If you confirm that the user is a sex offender, the account will be deactivated immediately.’

Among the celebrities, Ko Young-wook from Lula, who was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for sexually assaulting two minors and forcibly molesting one, and singers Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon, who were sentenced to prison for group sexual assault and illegal filming, were deleted for this reason.

In November 2017, Lee was handed over to trial for forcibly molesting a woman A at a club in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and was sentenced to a fine of 2 million won. Lee appealed and appealed against the ruling, but all of them were dismissed.

Nevertheless, when the conviction was later known through media reports, Lee denies the charges, claiming that “he did not commit any harassment” and “the victim’s consistent statement served as only evidence and the ruling was made.”

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