“Like Lim Young-woong?” Park Sun-joo from “People’s Greed..

“Like Lim Young-woong?” Park Sun-joo from “People’s Greed.” “I was looking forward to it coming out again…” (Mr. Trot 2)

Park Sun-joo

Composer Park Sun-joo will newly join the irreplaceable original trot audition “Mr. Trot 2 – The Beginning of a New Legend” as the “Master of the Grim Reaper.”

Park Sun-joo, who has sat in the master’s seat since the one-on-one death match, is expected to show a not-so-easy side by using the previously introduced “Cold Comments” as her patent.

However, Park Sun-joo said, “I attended the competition with the thought of whether another star could come out in the situation where a superstar named Lim Young-woong came out, and I was surprised that the overall level was so high.” Park Sun-joo’s interview will be released, saying she is worried that the title of “The Poisoner” will be overshadowed.

1. Since joining the master, the vitriol of the past has emerged as a topic and has become an issue enough to be called the “The Grim Reaper.” What do you think your role is?

The nickname “The Grim Reaper” is always burdensome, but it seems to be my role to be more sober and be the eyes and ears of viewers. He is also called a “national disgrace” because he does his best to judge more fairly. When I arrived at the scene, I told Master Lee Hong-ki, “You’ve worked so hard.” Even if I become a ‘greedy’, I think I have to go my own way.

2. You’re making a comeback with “Mr. Trot 2” in the Miss/Mr. Trot series. Did you have any concerns about returning to the master?

In fact, it was too much pressure during “Miss Trot” because it was not my music field. It was known a lot through the program, but I think I was criticized a lot. In addition, with big mountains such as Jang Yoon-jung, Kim Yeon-ja, and Jinseong Master, and professionals such as Jang Min-ho and Kim Hee-jae, I wondered if I had to play my role. So I think I thought about it for too long.

3. “Fairness” is considered the most important virtue in the master’s review, so what kind of efforts do you make as a master?

I think fairness comes when the standard is clear. It is not about liking or disliking, but about singing ability and star quality that can meet the standards of viewers. Personality also plays a big part. So I try not to focus on my personal opinions as much as possible and try to replace the eyes of viewers.

4. How did you feel about the participants of “Mr. Trot 2” in the recent recording?

In fact, I participated in the competition thinking, “Can another star come out in the situation where a superstar named Lim Young-woong came out?” However, the overall level was so high that I was surprised, and it is all-time high that I think, “Should I not put my singing ability into the standard of judgment now?” That’s why I’m worried that the title of “The Poisoner” will be overshadowed. In addition, the participants’ attitude toward the stage was so serious and professional that I felt that no matter who the winner was, a big star would come out again.

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