Lim Yoona opened up the hottest Yoona era in 2022

Lim Yoona opened up the hottest Yoona era in 2022

Lim Yoona

2022 was a year in which Lim Yoon-ah’s true value shone.

Lim Yoon-ah became a box office queen this year, including “Big Mouse,” the highest ratings in MBC dramas, and the Chuseok movie “Cooperation 2: International,” as well as a comeback of Girls’ Generation, six magazine covers, various ambassadors, and award ceremonies MCs

In the MBC drama “Big Mouse” released in July, Lim Yoon-ah turned into a veteran nurse with both intelligence and beauty, and received favorable reviews throughout the show for her role with her troubleshooter instincts and deep emotions

In addition, Lim Yoon-ah played the role of beauty YouTuber Park Min-young in the upgraded movie “Congjo 2: International” and played a role in making the movie hit 6.98 million viewers with Lim Yoon-ah’s lovely charm, and won the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 58th Daejong Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Award

Lim Yoon-ah, who celebrated her 15th anniversary, made a comeback as a singer with Girls’ Generation’s 7th full-length album “FOREVER 1” in August and topped domestic and foreign charts as soon as the song was released, realizing the unwavering popularity of “Top Legend Girl Group,” and received enthusiastic responses from global fans with her perfect visuals and overflowing talent on stage.

In particular, despite his busy schedule due to his acting activities, he participated in various schedules to communicate with fans, including music shows, “SMTOWN LIVE” performances, special fan events, and fan signing events, and he worked passionately on entertainment activities, giving laughter to the small screen.

#Fashion, commercial, MC, etc. There’s nothing you can’t do
In addition, Lim Yoon-ah has decorated the cover of a fashion magazine five times this year, filmed the face of the movie magazine Cine21, and has been steadily working as a model for various advertisements such as clothing, cosmetics, duty-free shops, and finance, and has recently been selected as a promotional model for game advertisements.

In addition, he was selected as the first master of the “1st Blue Dragon Series Awards,” the first streaming service content award in Korea, and led a good response with stable hosting skills. On the 31st, he will wrap up the year-end with viewers as an MC for the 8th consecutive year of MBC’s “Gayo Daejejeon.”

Lim Yoon-ah’s days are expected to continue as the expected movie “Date at 2:00,” which is expected to be released due to her meeting with the production team of “Exit” in 2023, is also filming JTBC’s most anticipated drama, “Kingdom.”

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