Lim Young-woong fan club Hero Era..

Lim Young-woong fan club Hero Era Seoul 3 Room, Donates Children and Youth Sponsors for the New Semester to People Selling Hope

Lim Young-woong

Singer Lim Young-woong fan club, “Seoul’s 3 Bangs in the Age of Heroes,” ended the year and spread good influence with meaningful sharing. People selling hope, a public interest corporation, said on Dec. 29 that 65 members of the Hero Era Seoul 3 Bang donated 10 million won in donations.

The Hero Era Seoul 3 Bang, which represents a mature fandom culture by expanding its support for singer Lim Young-woong to beautiful sharing and volunteering, said, “It’s an economically difficult time, but I joined sharing to help Lim Young-woong good influence.” We will continue to work hard and cheer for the artist to shine more in the future,” he said.

Chae Hwan, the representative of those who sell hope, such as concerts selling hope for suicide prevention projects, ear healing programs, and support for vulnerable people at home and abroad, said, “It is impressive to see them continuously sharing and serving and supporting artists without stopping. The donations you sent will be generously provided to children and teenagers who need psychological counseling and support for the new semester of single-parent families and grandchildren,” he said.

Meanwhile, singer Lim Young-woong recently donated in the name of the fan club to repay the support of the fan club Hero Era, which supported Lim Young-woong`s activities with steady sharing that conveys hope throughout society.

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