Lina, make a brilliant comeback with “Sweeney Todd”…

Lina, make a brilliant comeback with “Sweeney Todd”…


On the 3rd, Lina played the role of “Mrs. Lovett,” a helper of “Sweeney Todd” and owner of the pie store, in the musical “Sweeney Todd,” completing her first performance with more upgraded acting and singing skills.

The musical “Sweeney Todd,” starring Lina, is a story of a capable barber “Benjamin Barker,” who is falsely accused of 15 years of imprisonment, and a meticulous revenge against the absurd world, and is loved for completing the thrill of black comedy and revenge.

In particular, Lina overwhelms those who try to make an unconventional visual transformation of “Madame Lovett,” who has a tough and bizarre desire, and the lovely and cheerful aspect of the character who disarm “Sweeney Todd” is also depicted in three dimensions, drawing admiration from the audience.

Lina said, “I’m having fun and excited days to play Mrs. Lovett once again.” I’m very grateful that I finished my first performance safely. I will do my best not to harm the perfect work. “I hope that many of the audience will come and watch it,” he said with a sincere heart.

Starting with her musical debut film “The March of Youth,” Lina has already established herself as a popular musical actress with her rich voice, outstanding singing skills, and delicate expression in various works such as “Sirano,” “Benher,” “Monte Cristo,” and “Notre Dame de Paris.”

Meanwhile, the musical “Sweeney Todd,” starring Lina, is being cast and performed by the best actors in Korea, including Kang Pil-seok, Shin Sung-rok, Lee Kyu-hyung, Jeon Mi-do, and Kim Ji-hyun, and will be available at the Charlotte Theater until March 5, 2023.

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