Line Games Launches Global Service for Undecomber

Line Games Launches Global Service for Undecomber

Line Games

Line Games announced on the 12th that it has launched a global service of the multi-platform nuclear & slash action RPG “Undecomber” developed by Need Games and serviced by it.

As a result, “UNDECEMBER” will meet with overseas gamers about nine months after its domestic launch in January. The global version is serviced by PC (Steam, Line Games Floor) and mobile (AOS, iOS) multi-platform and operates separately from domestic services.

However, it plans to provide services in the same operation method to prevent regional service differentiation. Also, English, German, French, and Japanese. It supports services in a total of 10 languages, including Chinese.

An official from Line Games said, “We hope that many users in more diverse regions will enjoy playing ‘UNDECEMBER’,” adding, “We will do our best to provide stable services so that both domestic and global can deliver a smooth game play experience.”

On the other hand, “UNDECEMBER” is characterized by the emphasis on “class-free growth” using runes and equipment in addition to the characteristics of the nuclear and slash genre. Currently, the story has been released until Episode 3 “Ortemis” in Korea.

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