LOONA who has 7 members left is on the verge

LOONA who has 7 members left is on the verge of disbanding 10 billion idols?


Is the dream of 10 billion idols going to go up in smoke? Girl of the Month is virtually on the verge of disbanding.

On the 13th, the Civil Affairs Division 1 (Chief Judge Jeong Moon-sung) of the Seoul Northern District Court ruled against the agency Blockberry Creative by nine members (Hee-jin, Kim-rip, Jin-sil, Choi-ri, Haseul, Yeo-jin, Eve, Olivia-hye, and Go-won), except for two members of the girl of the month (Bibee and Hyun-jin).

The members who won the case were Hee-jin, Kim Lip, Jin-sil, and Choi-ri, who won some of the conflicts with the agency due to the settlement issue. In the end, he reportedly maintained the same conditions as Chuu, who left the team. But Haseul, Yeojin, Eve, Olivia Hye and GoWon had changed contract terms. The fate of the nine litigants was divided because of the contract clause. Hee-jin, Kim Lip, Jin-sil, and Choi-ri will be able to engage in more free activities.

When the news broke, Eve said, “I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to tell you for the past 14 days. “It was a painful day like every day mentally, and I couldn’t sleep because I felt as if I had a truck on my chest,” he said. “I’m sorry I didn’t want to make it obvious. I don’t know how long it will take or how much longer it will hurt, but I’m going to try as much as I can. “I love you. Please trust us for the last time.”

Haseul then said, “The article is true, and I will work hard for the members and myself until the end, so please support me a lot,” and Yeo Jin also said, “The article is true.” It was a really unbearable time from childhood to now, and lawsuits were scary and hard work, but I was able to cheer up because Orbit was there. “It will be scary and scary again, but if Orbit is next to me, I will be able to take courage again,” he said.

A total of seven people, including Hyun-jin and Bibi, who did not file a lawsuit, will remain as LOONA. Like the team name “LOONA,” the identity of the team, which had 12 members, collapsed. Is LOONA, a group that spent 10 billion won, going to collapse like this? Attention is focusing on what position the agency Blockberry Creative will take in the crisis of the team’s existence.

Meanwhile, LOONA debuted in 2018. After the expulsion of member Chuu last year, it was reorganized into an 11-member group. LOONA’s side, which predicted a comeback in early January this year, postponed the comeback indefinitely, saying, “It is meaningless to do comeback activities without resolving various concerns about the members’ situation.”

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