LPL A support who can’t support, a mid who can’t be a wizard

LPL A support who can’t support, a mid who can’t be a wizard


There are exceptions such as Doinbee and Fly, but “standard” is often needed in certain positions.

At 6 p.m. on the 16th, in the first round of the LPL playoffs, OMG, a master of irregular stones represented by “Sappa Pick,” knelt 2-3 to FPX, who adhered to the standard.

There were a total of three points to watch in the tight OMG-FPX match. Banpick, strategy-tactics, and superplay were those.

1. Banpick LPL

The creative ban-pick, OMG’s strength and weakness, drew attention. On this day, OMG played with unique champions such as Top Rumble-Jarban and One Deal Tristan.

However, OMG’s pick, the “Sappa Master,” also had limitations. The core of the team that can’t play Meiji, Midliner Krem, only played Ari and Victor, who showed extreme skill hits with their flagship card Silas (Akali) sealed.

The mid-van strategy of FPX was successful, as Meiji did not perform significantly except Rise-Victor.

Supporter Cold also showed clear limitations by failing to select Lulu and Yumi to face the opposing util supporters, while distance dealer Able also had to ban Jerry-Calista, who is considered a “orthodox faction,” with his own hands.

OMG had another factor close to error. It was a four-set Zarvan five-pick.

OMG, who chose Okong instead of Trundle, who boasted a good winning rate against Popeye, and Zarvan, who used to trap Kenen, both became meaningless picks, missed a chance to win a 3-1 victory.

Finally, preparations for the “hidden card,” the core of the multiple premise, were also different. Unlike OMG, which had no hidden card at the moment of desperation, FPX took out some hidden cards. Jungle Zarvan, Bottom Jaya-Lacan, Mid Yonne and others. All of them played a significant role and became the top contributors to the collapse of OMG.

2. Strategy-Tactics LPL

Except for the fifth set, the flow of the game did not miss the prediction. In small-scale skirmishes such as 2-2 and 3-3, OMG won through personal skills, while in 5-5 skirmishes, FPX won with relatively precise skirmishes.

In the first set, a typical FPX winning pattern came out. The FPX, which had five players gathered first, won the match in the 18th minute of the battle, blocking OMG’s attempt to engage in a momentary 5-3 in the 21st minute of the battle, and winning the match, focusing on 5-5 battles.

On the other hand, in the third set, OMG won through individual skills in 1-1 and 2-3 situations, and in the messenger battle, which was disadvantageous to 4-5, he won by instantly gaining a numerical advantage through individual skills such as 4-3, 4-2. It was a scene where we were wary that FPX was the most cautious situation.

In particular, in the 19th minute of the third set, FPX, who struggled with OMG’s individual skills, was clearly revealed, with FPX losing in the battle between supporters-top (OMG) and mid-jungle (FPX).

3. Superplay LPL

The player who could be selected as MVP was Care. In the 1-2-3 set, Care mainly played a role of suppressing the opponent’s creme with Lysandra, and in the 4-5 set, he won a complete victory over the creme, who was forced to play Meiji, who was unable to become a champion of Yone-Akali.

The corresponding player was Clid. In the second set just before the defeat, Clyde actively appealed his strengths early, including his outstanding object management skills with Zarvan, as well as stealing Baron with a miraculous blow.

There was also superplay in OMG. At the bottom dive around the 4th minute of the 3rd set, Able-Cold played well, turning the death crisis into kilos with a thorough use of his skills. 코인파워볼

In the end, both teams played well, but Summit-Clid’s FPX, who led the 5-5 skirmishes, defeated OMG, the king of personal skills, and faced EDG of the world championship winner Scout-Viper.

Meanwhile, LNG and BLG will face off at 6 p.m. on the 17th to get to know The Shy. As both teams have escaped from their slump, they are ready to show their performance that has changed significantly.

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