Mason Greenwood anger, “Curse United for not supporting..

Mason Greenwood anger, “Curse United for not supporting. “I’ll run in China”.

Mason Greenwood (22, Manchester United) is expressing dissatisfaction with the club that did not support him.

Mason Greenwood

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ said on the 3rd, “Mason Greenwood was disappointed with Manchester United, who suspected him. He is considering playing in China instead of England,” he reported.

Prosecutors in Manchester said on Thursday they would drop charges of attempted rape and assault against Greenwood. Greenwood was questioned by police in February last year for allegedly sexually assaulting his girlfriend. He was later detained at his home and was scheduled to stand trial in November.

The prosecution said, “The main witness withdrew his testimony, and there is no real prospect of conviction because there is no possibility of new evidence coming out. Therefore, we have an obligation to stop the case,” he said.

Greenwood made his debut in Manchester United’s first team in 2018 and played 129 games, scoring 35 goals and 12 assists. Greenwood is still on Manchester United’s first-team roster.

Manchester United said, “We inform you that the prosecution has canceled all charges against Greenwood. “There will be no further comment,” he said.

Regarding Greenwood, The Sun said, “Manchester United is a stance that even after the acquittal, they will have their own consultation and judgment to judge Greenwood’s charges,” adding, “The player himself is blaming the club.”

“Greenwood used to tell people around him, ‘I won’t play in this team’s uniform again,’ after being suspended for Manchester United last season,” The Sun said. He stressed, “I don’t feel like Manchester United is supporting him.

Mason Greenwood is considering playing for a team other than United. China is especially mentioned. The Sun pointed out, “Greenwood is telling people around him that he will be happy to play in China if he gives him good money.”

The media said, “Greenwood’s extreme view may have changed over the past few months, but he was not happy at all,” adding, “Once Greenwood is found innocent and runs, he will suffer from the attack of his opponent’s fans.”

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